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Update 12/24/2017:  We are almost finished with getting our credit card gateway back online.  We had to get a different service provider because it turned out the one we were using was sold to another bank and was no longer supporting small businesses.  It should be working again within a few days. We appreciate your patience and support.  Our heartfelt "fangs" to all, especially to our biggest fan, Yendor1152, who seems to be so concerned about our well-being that he can't help but advertise to the 2 or 3 people who read his posts that we've been experiencing some difficulties.  (Most curious, since he isn't a customer, contributor or subscriber of ours.  We considered the notion that perhaps he derives some perverse pleasure in ignorant, speculative rumor mongering, but determined no one could possibly be that petty, so his concerns must be sincere).  To our legitimate fans and customers, we will send out an email as soon as our site is fully working again.    We have disabled our online catalog temporarily until the problem is totally fixed.  Thank you and a Merry Christmas to all.  God bless us, every one.


New!! We have added several new Private Collection Items which we found while unpacking our warehouse boxes.  Please click the "Vintage Magazines & Memorabillia Sale" Banner link above.  Items priced as low as "Fie Dolla"!  All collectibles priced below market value.  Grab 'em while you can!  Orders will ship within 48 hours of being placed. More items coming. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL ISSUES OF FREAKY MONSTERS (Back issues and New issues) WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN IN PRINT EDITIONS VERY SHORTLY.   We will explain everything in an expanded noose update to be posted here.  Bottom line: We had a very serious financial crash in June.  We barely survived.  We prayed for guidance.  Our prayers were answered.  We received a great blessing.  We reorganized.  We back!

Fangs for hanging in there with us, Monster Lovers.  We have not yet begun to fright & the beast is yet to come!

Freaky Monsters #28 will be available soon.  Yes, it IS coming and will available for all customers...subscribers, pre-orders and individual sales.

Overseas/Foreign Readers:  At long last, we expect to be able to offer shipping of our Print Issues to all foreign countries at very affordable rates!